COM Error Class Not Registered

Hi All,
Today i use c6.3 for all my software and user Fastreport Studio 4 for report. And
i have plan to migration to up clarion version. So i try c8 and c9

If i use software with c6.3 all report running well.
When i start migration with c8 or c9, i get same problem. I can not run all report
with message “COM error Class not Registered”

First time i compile from clarion 6 and clarion 8 on same laptop.

  1. exe from clarion 6 my report running well
  2. exe from clarion 8 my report com error

Next time i try install on my other laptop just Clarion 8 , compile
and running Exe --> i still can not running my fast report

I try to running Exe from first laptop in second laptop. Just EXE from clarion 6 and running well

Two time i change with other EXE and compile from clarion 8 on first and second laptop,
and i running again. All exe can running well on two laptop, accept report with fastreport.exe

For information :

  1. my First laptop use win 10 32 bit — because clarion 6 - down, can not running in windows 64 bit, just for 32 bit
    — clarion 8 running well in my first laptop use windows 10 32 bit
  2. Second Laptop use win 10 64 bit — clarion 8 running well, clarion 6 can not

Help me please … How to setting my fastreport in clarion 8 or up.