Compile error - Source File 3.clw not found

I am a hobby user of Clarion 9.0. I currently have an issue with a project compiling. The process appears to go through the motions of compiling, but does not replace the previous exe file. I has a single line on the Errors tab, : Source file 3.clw not found.
3.clw seems a weird name for a generated file, and I have found no other reference to it.
Can anyone please suggest where I should be looking for a solution?
Thanks in anticipation

What happens if you create an empty source file and call it 3.clw?

Search your source files (*.clw) for '3'

I recall something like a window control with Icon('3') causing the build to look for 3.clw

I confirmed having ICON('3') on a control throws that error, same for IMAGE('3'). There could be others so search for '3' or ('3')

If I create a 3.clw the below error shows. Clicking on the error opens 3.clw, so that cannot be used to find it it was ICON('3')

Expected: <directive> <LINEBREAK> PROGRAM PRAGMA - E:\DevAbc\CnvTests\SchoolBlatTest\3.clw:2

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