Compiler Error - Clarion 11 - Generator Could not gain access to SOEFILES.H1$


I get an error when compiling our COMMON.APP (see the image). While there is an application folder called “C:\SIMUTIL11\APPMOMITOR\exe”, it is not referenced any where in Clarion, the solution, or the folder. Additionally, I have done a thorough look at the Clarion Options; and, there are no references to it there. I am at a quandry as to why I am getting this error. Any ideas?

maybe check your .RED file

I sometimes get a message like that if I accidently try to open an app twice so make sure you don’t already have the app open somewhere. Have you tried a re-boot of the machine?

Hi Steve,
AppMonitor is the utility I wrote that Simonton used back in Clarion 6.x that watched for file date/time changes of the .APP file and then called the C6 IDE to export that app via DDE.
That path is an odd location for the header module to be generated in.
Like Geoff suggested, check your redirection file and anything else that might be open.
I can’t imagine you are still running AppMonitor, but if you aren’t using C6 anymore then AppMonitor shouldn’t be running.

Rick and Geoff, you were both right. There was an include in the RED file that referenced the drectory in question. AppMonitor is still alive and well in the 6.3 environment. I actually converted it to Clarion 11 before we bought your version control solution.Now, it is probably going to wind up on the scrapheap of Clarion 6.3. BTW, I killed the INCLUDE file in the RED file. Don’t know why it was there in the first place…

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