Component does not match physical file structure - Invalid File Stucture

Good day. I upgraded one of my apps from C8 to C9. At the same time, I also made a numeric field longer as it was to short for the numeric numbers. I converted the table structure and data. Since then I have been getting the below error after I log into my application and select the browse where this table is being used. I deleted the table and recreated it but to no avail.

I have tried everything possible, but I cannot get this fixed.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.


Tjaart, this is another way of saying error 47.
do you have 2 files with similar names like Customer & CustomerInvoice?
if you don’t fill in the fullname in the full path name field it defaults to the first 8 letters of the file name.

What’s the driver? What’s the structure?

If, for example, it’s TPS, then I wonder if it’s possible that your changes caused you to exceed the 15000 byte record size limit.

Thank you for the reply. I only have 7000 records in this table for now and I increased the field from @n6 to @n10 Ushort, so I dont think this is possible at this stage. Yes - TOPSPEED driver


What is the file structure?

The number of records is not what I was talking about.

Ushort is 65,535 maximum, no reason for @n10.

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