Continuing still with migration from 5.5

The saga continues, though it’s not all bad. I have a process for modifying a C5 TXA before importing it into C6 which seems to work well.

I have hit another snag with some reports using an internal report template, modeled on the C5 report template. I am getting template errors on a compile, specifically that some variables are not defined:


while others are unknown:


I can see that the templates have been improved; groups of common controls have been created, new template files have been added and so forth.

I noticed that REPORT.TPW, where it seems many of the errors are coming from, contains some ABC code and OOP references. E.g.:

#AT(%LocalProcedures),WHERE(%GlobalUseABCClasess AND %EnablePrintPreview AND %GlobalReportPreviewMode<>'Procedure')
    #CALL(%GenerateVirtuals, 'Previewer', 'Local Objects|Abc Objects|Previewer', '%PreviewerVirtuals(Clarion)')
%Procedure_ABCReportPreview              PROCEDURE(PreviewQueue ImageQueue,PrintPreviewClass PV, <ReportTargetSelectorCl
%Procedure_ABCReportPreview              PROCEDURE(PreviewQueue ImageQueue,PrintPreviewClass PV)



The report template in C6, REPORT.TPW, is vastly different to that of C5. Is it supposed to be?

My version of C6 is an early one, Version 6.0 Build 0.915, were the templates modified or improved (read debugged) in later versions of C6?

Thanks. Andrew

P.S. Given the number of reports using our template I am guessing figuring out and merging the differences is going to be the best result. Any advice appreciated.

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As it turns out, our report template has almost the same functionality as the default clarion template - the differences being formatting of a portrait or landscape report and the addition of a print time and print date control in the footer.

I have reverted our reports to Clarion Reports with no apparent loss of functionality.

This means, I hope, I can convert to C6 with little effort.

Consider this question closed.