Continuing with migration from 5.5

Following on from my original post:

I have obtained the 5.5 (vanilla) templates from SV and compared them to our modified templates. I have also compared the (vanilla) DET templates to our modified templates.

I have diffed the files and transposed the relevant changes to the Clarion6 templates.

I have exported a small app ( a .dll) to txa and imported it into Clarion6 and it seems to generate correctly HOWEVER… as it is linking it generates a number of errors in the appname.MAP file:

Link error: Invalid exp file directive: GETSEEERROR@Fs @1

The MAP file from a V6 generation looks nothing like the MAP file from a V5 generation.

It is quite possible I have overlooked an edit or put an edit in the wrong place. Does anyone have any idea where I would start to look to remedy this.

Does anyone have any idea where/how the MAP file is generated? Is it in template code or part of the IDE?

Any help appreciated, TIA,


I think the MAP file is generated by the compiler and used by the linker to find stuff.
It’s been a while since I used C6 but I don’t remember seeing a GetSeeError anywhere
There should also be a .exp file for all the exports somewhere that might through some light.

Thanks Seanh, GetSeeError is one of our procedures, an example of one of the errors.

The issue is not with the procedure name, it is with the generation of the MAP file.

I am guessing that one of the edits I made while transferring mods from DET to C6 templates has mucked something up.

While I know where and what the edits are, I’m not familiar enough with the generation of source to know where to look.

Ok. I think I was wrong before. The EXP file is used by the linker to find stuff.
Link errors that show up in the MAP file are usually the result of export problems.
So I think you need to look at anything that writes to the exp file. It sounds like a template might be getting the format wrong somewhere.

I have it working.

I don’t know how - I added some debug comments in the template so I could see what/where things were up to and it started generating the MAP file correctly.

A previous programmer had made some changes to a template which I think was either not generating or generating incorrectly, either way it now works without me changing anything.

I know it doesn’t help anyone stumbling across this post looking for answers. Sorry.