Conversion of GUID by Replicate

Good day people,
It is my first time i ask a question on the hub although i use the hub intensuive to get answers.
forgive and help me if I do this wrong.
I need some help on a third party product CapeSoft Replicate. Does anyone know how do they converty the GUID no in the datafile to a 3x 10 digit number in the log files.Help will be appreciated.
I am using replicate for a logging tool on the data movements.

Thanks in advance for any help.

It would help to see an excerpt or screen capture of the Replicate log file to know exactly what it looks like. If you also have the GUID values include that.

A GUID is a 128 bit, 16 byte, 32 hex digit number that could be over’d as 4 LONG’s that would be 4x 10 digit numbers.

From SVComDef.INC in LibSrc

_GUID                   group,type
Data1                     long
Data2                     short
Data3                     short
Data4                     byte,dim(8)

_GUIDL                  group,type
Data1                     long
Data2                     long
Data3                     long
Data4                     long

Capesoft’s Replicate online docs says the logfiles look like the following…


Where JIFF is the filename and COM/SIT the field prefix - “followed by a decoded version of the GUID field, which will be used to identify the record”

It also states the GUID field must be a STRING(16) and it’s only for internal use by Replicate.

Hi CarlBarnes,
This what the log file looks like:-


This is what the tps file looks like:-

Hope you can see the tps file picture.
I need to know how do they convert the TPS GUID to THe logfile or visa versa.
thanks for the help

Hi Graham_Dawson,
Thanks for your response.
It is correct as you mention ,but as you can see on my response to Carl i need to know how to convert from the logfole to tps or other way.

That is not a guid, so you would just treat it as a string.

Perhaps the decoded string is just LONGs over the field, shown as numbers
guid_Group group
p1 sting(4)
p2 long
p3 long
p4 long
if thats the case putting the numbrs in would create the guid

The 3 numbers do convert to the same text as on the screenshot.

I would like to thank all of you for your help.
This problem is now solved.

It would help others, (and probably yourself when you forget the solution) if you state how the problem has been solved.

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Hi Graham,
Yes l understand l, let me try explain what info i fgot and and what i have done.

with all the input from you people i created a group as seanh has shows and then assign the INV:GUID a field from the invoice table shown in what looks like ascii and assign thayt fiel to the group
guid_Group = inv:GUID . the INV:GUID as per screenshot I supplied
The result was:
p1 = B100 p2 = 1079212368 p3= 1349339228 p4 =,2035305588

Again i would like to thank all you.
I still have one issue but working on it. In the log file I found a date value to be 10 numbers long but it is normally 5 numbers.It meabe adate assigned to a string. Let you know once i solved it.



Hi Graham,
forgot to give the date and time those numbers represend
Date is 16/08/2023 and the time is 15:06:21

sorry for all my spell mistakes.