Convert an app - single exe to multi dll app

Sorry my English.
I would like to know if anyone would have a “wizard” tutorial teaching how to convert a simple application to multi dll. I’m using Clarion 10. I have an application with many modules and it is giving problem in compilation.
Thanks in advance.

I do not think there is any tutorial, but basically…

  • Sample break up of DLLs
  1. Global (files) DLL – Has your DCT and all templates registered to export for you other DLLs to use.
  2. Report DLL - contains all your reports.
  3. “somename” DLL (related functions\screens)
  4. “application” EXE usually just the application FRAME and maybe the login window.

All is subjective and what meets your needs. #3 could be several DLLs depending on your complexity.
Try to not cause circular references where #2, Call #3 and #3 call #2 etc…

Hi Nelson - I don’t know if this will be useful for your particular needs, but it looks interesting.

Regarding splitting an app up, there have been numerous articles about it but I don’t remember the titles or the authors. I thought Dave Harms had written one 20+ years ago.

Aha! Found it. It was Gordon Smith. See “Four DLLs And an Executable” in here:

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.
I’ll take a look.

Thank you! from me as well.
I have been putting off this task for one particular app. Have renewed motivation now…