Convert C4 to C11

I have an application built with C4, our company has bought C11 now. I want to convert from C4 to C11. Before converting to C11, I converted to C6. When I convert to C6 the message ‘CCSN CCSBrowse no longer exists’ appears, and then the application is closed. What prevents? Besides that I also use secwin10 for C4 applications, will this also be a compilation problem that is approved to C6? give me direction to solve this problem.


I suppose that CCSBrowse is an Icetips SQL. So try to get appropriated version and install/register it on Clarion6. Also you will need it on Clarion 11 as well.

The same with secwin - you need it installed and registered on Clarion6 and clarion 11.


Also, remember that moving from C4 to anything C6 or later will have the change in threading behavior. Threads are preemptive, OS threads in C6+.
Look for anywhere you are doing SETTARGET commands and pass the thread parameter.
Any global queues or groups and non-threaded variables need to be reviewed for thread-safe usage.


thank you for your advice. I try

thank you, I’ll try your advice