Converting c6 app to c10 - any suggestions

Hi, I have a few C6 commercial apps that i want to convert to c10. Don’t really want to rewrite each procedure. Can i get some suggestions on what folks have done in the past to do this. Export to txa? what kind of problems have you had?

Hi Frank,

You don’t need to rewrite. And you don’t need to make a TXA. You just open the app in C10 and move forward from there.
Obviously you’re doing this so late that most of the institutional memory from the C8 days is likely lost.
From memory though the biggest issue was that the new IDE told you all the things that were wrong in your C6 code, so you have to fix all of that to get going.

If you get stuck ask a question and hopefully someone will remember.


You are just everywhere Bruce!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to back up. :slight_smile:

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absolutely!!! :grinning:

Resistance is futile!

I’ve do that and there’s no issued …better backup first before you do the import process…

good luck…

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