Converting some apps to sql


Is there anyone on here that would look at getting some our code onto sql

We have large in house app that uses tps files . We use ckarion10 with fm3

We want to convert the app so the main tps files are sql

Interested in a developer that can work with us and develop , improve a live system.

Morning sim391,
Where are you based, location and Tz.

Happy to discuss project offline.

Regards Richard

Morning Richard

UK Lancashire

Where are you based ?

Mitten Software does TPS to SQL. I’ve met Jim Morgan at every DevCon and would send him work.

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Sydney Australia.

Happy to have detailed chat in private. Contact via if you like.

Regards Richard

Good morning Simon,

I’ve just sent a pm to you should you wish to discuss further :slight_smile:



I’m available; I’m in Stockport. I can travel, or remote.
I’ve extensive experience in converting TPS to MS SQL - most recently, just before Covid-19 struck.
I also covered a number of issues in MS-SQL+Clarion in UK Clarion User Group, particularly using server-side views and calling stored procedures.

Hi Nick,

Please send me your email

Hi Simon

It’s [email protected]