Costs of using Clarion AnyScreen

I have every release of Clarion since bb released the first dos versions and made a living like most of yall writing Clarion code, all the adventures, etc. etc. My question is what is the cost to use AnyScreen ? I know the 1k to purchase it, but then i write a cooler app than anyone else, and I want to do the saas method marketing it (lol, no worse marketer than me on the planet). To set up one on line user (me) to test it, what additional costs do i have. And then the inevitable flood of users (4 or 5 over the next year), what additional costs are there ? I talked with a gentleman who was familiar with doing what i am doing about 5 years ago, but i doubt that is current. Thanks


There are no costs. You can distribute as many Anyscreen servers with you app as you need.

Thanks - thats what it seemed to me to be, reading the clarion marketing stuff.

You would look into the hosting/securing/supporting aspects as well.

By that , do you mean who will host this Anyscreen server? I am pretty far into python/django(web) /tkinter (desktop) for this project - in training, education, etc. etc. though i have done nothing commercial in python yet, but thats the direction i am leaning toward, and then i read about this Clarion and anyscreen partnership - and i thought I should look into this (clarion/anyscreen) a bit more. And thanks for your advice.

I understood it would be 1 license for each server.
If you sell the same solution to several clients and each client has his own server, each client must purchase an AnyScreen license…
If you host your solution in 1 server for many clients (SaaS), then you’ll need only 1 license.

That is false information.


Looks to be a very interesting solution to the problem of putting a windows app on the web or even across an internal network…

Havnt been able to get the current one working on a window 11 surface pro 6…

build 13788

just does not get past the browser URL display

this example app used to display in some previous versions…

anything might be stopping this in developer IDE MODE?

internet connection is off and using the run local button in the clarion IDE.

many thanks

There’s not much activity on the newsgroups, but that’s where you’d probably have a better chance of support than here.

well posts here seem to get hundreds of views which means there are developers out there…

most people using the famous NETTALK some supposes…

dont have log on password for the newsgroups…

This could be true. Maybe you should start your own thread.

They’re all probably going to be around in 5 years time.

But you have Clarion expertise so that makes the development easier, on the surface.

Thanks made me think… was running it on an offline machine windows 11 and cookies was off in edge!!

up and running and we will test the new version with our new runtime scripting system over the southern hemisphere winter.

many thanks for the support here .

Yep, and i have time on my side, I’m a youngster, only 71. Love developing software, as long as its fun.

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This should be the license key for Clarion 6 - the numeric part - for the username and password. Worked for me.

Or contact SV and ask for one.

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