Could not import file.apv into - this project is use the Binary File Auto-export/import - Monitor All Apps set to on

The error message was headed Application Monitor - and the actual error message was “Error: Could not import file.apv” This is my first attempted opening of an app on this particular system , current is C9.1 .

What would be the likely source of this error ? And the possibility of the apv being corrupted is nil - other users are importing the other apv s . Thanks.

A number of things might halt the import. Missing dictionary, missing templates, etc.
I would manually import the APV file to a new APP, this should give you errors in the error pad about what’s wrong.
Open your solution and then go to the Applications Pad.
Click on the little down arrow on the right side of the App Pad toolbar and pick the “create application from txa” button.
When the dialog opens, select your APV file for the TXA.
In the Application file, make up a dummy application name. Make sure the path is the same path as where the real APP should be getting create.
Press OK.
See what errors are reported. Paste them here if you need help with them.

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Thanks - been buried all day and just saw your suggestion.


Rick, here is what i get in the errors when trying to open any of those apv/txa .

Its not letting me copy and paste -

I am getting "unknown template type " with ExpRenameTargetFile (ProgBCS), SetImageBase(RebaseDLL), , 3 other unknowns all with ProgBCS, and then a StandardFunctionsExport(Clarion)

A wild guess here is that this user has created these apps using a clarion install with templates that i dont yet have.

Thanks for your time, Rick.

Yep, you’ll need to find those templates. Good luck.

Thanks Rick for your time and confirming my ‘wild guess’.