Could not load ClaASC.dll. No entry points in file driver dll

Can anyone give me a clue on how to fix this issue. I have just installed Clarion 11.


Just done a search of the Clarion newsgroups for that error and guess what?

From: Marc Brierley
Newsgroups: sv.clarion.clarion10
Date: 11 Aug 2021 19:44:50 -0400
Subject: Could not load ClaASC.dll. No entry points in file driver dll

Same newsgroup
Subject: Sql anywhere dirver No entry points
Marc Brierley

Hi Experienced Clarion folk.
I’ve just installed Clarion 10 on a new PC and I’m having trouble
registering a driver (Clasql.dll which I think is the sql anywhere
It is registered on my old machine but on this new one it just keeps
telling me that there are no entry points.
Does anyone have any ideas please?

and you’ve also had a bunch of posts about not being able to find the driver after registering and/or re-registering it.
So this isn’t a new issue for you is it :slight_smile:

Yeah, same thread on ClarionHub: Sql anywhere driver No entry points, still not resolved :slight_smile:

Nope. I couldn’t get it to work then either. I ended up converting my old machine (which already had Clarion 10 installed by my predecessor who had worked with Clarion for a dozen years or more) into a vm which I’ve been running for the last two years.
I thought it made sense to start with a new vm just for Clarion 11.
So instead of Clarion 10 not working properly on a brand new machine, I have Clarion 11 not working properly on a brand new vm.
It hopefully is just something simple. A setting or a path perhaps.

Too bad it’s not as simple as making sure the right driver DLLs are in the app folder.

Interesting development. I used the same installer to install Clarion 11 on my existing VM which is where I am running Clarion 10. The install went fine and I don’t have any issues with drivers or paths. My solution compiled fine but when I deployed it to the system where I do my testing it would not open.
Is there anything that anyone can think of that may need to be updated in order for Clarion 11 programs to run?