Could not open example app

When I try to open an application or create a new one, the screen is blank,
An error is avialable, nothing else. I could create a data dictionnary.

This is a new installition,under Windows 10 french edition on a Windows Surface Pro 4.

Thanks for your help

I wonder if this is related to a comment made by @mriffey recently on the Skype chat…

For @Brahn / clarionhub: If you uninstall VS2015 and with it, MSBuild 2014, Clarion7+ may stop compiling (C10 certainly did). Installing this will fix it:
I did this during a migration to VS2017. C10 didn’t much care for the idea. It gets along fine with VS2017 on the machine, but it is looking for 2015’s MSBuild and some related registry keys.

My guess is that its the same issue. I got the message referring to the registry as well.

When I start Clarin 10 in English, I have this error message:

Cannot load file under C:\dev\myApp.

Check the file permission and the existence of that file.
File Name:C:\dev\myApp\*
File Name Without*

I just tried to create an application without dictionary.

I will now reinstall Windows 10 on another PC without any other software, then install Clarion to test.

Thanks for your reply

I have installed Windows 10 on another PC.
Now it’s working on this PC, I’ll try to find the reason why I couldnt start on my Surface PC.