Crowdsourcing needed for CapesoftAccessories.htm

If it wasn’t for NetTalk, Secwin and MyTable my current development project would be a nightmare. So I am most grateful for the sterling work that @Bruce is doing. Earlier this year I noticed some minor errors in “C:\Clarion11\accessory\Documents\Capesoft\CapesoftAccessories.htm” which you get when you use the following menu item in the Clarion IDE


For starters, MyTable is missing, and there were some other small errors. I don’t expect Bruce to waste time on this because he has more important features to add. But I had the time to check up on the CapeSoft products I have. So I came up with this:


It’s a subset of the full product list, being the products I have installed.
Now I need your help. If you have any of the other CapeSoft products, please will you test out the full list for me and let me know if there are any errors in my file. (3.8 KB)

Extract the zip file contents to C:\Clarion11\accessory\Documents\Capesoft
Rename the existing CapesoftAccessories.htm to

Copy CapesoftAccessoriesFull.txt and rename the copy to CapesoftAccessories.htm
Open it in your browser or via the IDE menu.
The “Version” column should show the correct version number of the products you have. Please let me know if any of those are incorrect. I only have a small subset of what is available, and not much of the ABC products. I will need the location of the correct “versionNumber.png” file.

Also, please let me know if any of the “documentation” links are incorrect, and the location of the correct file.

The “Download” column will show you the currently advertised version from the CapeSoft website. So it is easy to see if any of your products are out of date. You will notice that a few of my installations are out of date in the image shown.

That brings me to the other file, CapesoftAccessoriesMine.txt.
As the name implies, it’s the list of the products on my laptop only. Very useful when I need to read the documentation.

Note: each time you install a product update, the CapesoftAccessories.htm file is overwritten by the installer. So then I copy the text file and rename it once more. And I say a quiet “thank you” to Bruce for all the code that he has written that a newbie like me has no chance in hell of writing.

I will send him an updated file once you guys have assisted in checking all the product info. Hopefully this will save him several hours of incredibly boring and tedious changes to a single HTML document.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Donn,

Thanks for this. It appears to be working well for me. I haven’t tested the download links but the download versions appear accurate. It would be nice if the font size for the versions was a little bigger.

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I removed all the “width=” commands and replaced height=9 with height=12. The writing is a little fuzzy, but easier to read, and matches the size of the other text.

I don’t want to mess with the original design too much. (2.6 KB)

Much easier to read! Thanks.

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I have written a blog article on my manual way of updating these useful accessories. (4.2 KB)

Lovely - Thank you for sharing.