Crypto Currency Wallets that provides licence authentication for software running on the device?

In crypto currency like Bitcoins, its possible to include a mall amount of data with the transaction, it could be a message as mentioned here FBI pranked by furious Bitcoin users since Silk Road shutdown | Bitcoin | The Guardian but it can be pretty much anything.
Blockchain. What’s Stored In the Ledger? (

Does anyone know of any crypto currency wallets that provides the serial number to software running on the same machine?

For example, I sell some software by accepting cryptocurrency, in the crypto currency ledger which all miners have a copy where ever they are in the world, I could put the serial number/licence number of the software I have sold alongside the wallet addresses and transaction amount.

The buyers wallet would need to be on the same machine thats running the software for the software to run, does anyone know if this sort of wallet service this exists?

This way, it doesnt matter if a licencing authentication service provider withdraws a product or my own website gets taken offline and cant provided a licencing authentication service or a business goes bust, the software can still carry on running for the licencing period, allowing users time to make alternative arrangements.