Crystalreport and C11

are you using crystalreport in clarion 11 ??
the template says it is obsolete??
since version 8

Take a look at

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I’m using Crystal Report in C10/C11 but wrote my own .net dll to integration with Clarion.

Also, want to point out that direct calls to crpe32 method is no longer supported / allowed by license.
See this thread on sap’s forum.

that’s what I was looking at, I’m looking at the issue of listings for c11 apart from the integrated one, there aren’t many options from what I see

There’s a good chance I’ll take my solution and create a 3rd party product from.
I’m going to evaluate creating a product after CIDC.

fomin report to c11 not work???

I don’t know. I’ve never used Fomin reports.

I need to choose a more complete listing option than the Clarion reports

I will look at it…

I am testing demo of klarisoft Crystal Clear Class, but does not load my report made in 2008, any more extended example?

Fomin (FRB) works fine in C11 too.
It lets you choose your Clarion install directory.


i am testing
Crystal Clear Class, does not work with crystalreport 2008, but with version 8 yes, someone knows how I can modify the filter of a listing with this template,

in the demo does not explain how??

Check for the multiple copies of the crpe32.dll
Make sure the one from 2008 is loaded
Yes you can modify filter string and pass parameters using CCC
Send me email if you have any questions
Leonid Chudakov
[email protected]

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what kind example do you need? I also using the crystal clear class since 10 years ago and it is working fine until now…

A example of change filter of records un a report.
Fechaentrada>=today()-5 and fechaentrada<=today ()

works. but show messages

you have to set each of the parameters at the embeds. The embeds only declare the variable and the formula still on the crystal report. for example
CrystalReport.PassNumberParameter(‘sys_’, MPO:Sys )
CrystalReport.PassNumberParameter(‘sysdet_’,MPO:Sysdet )

sys_ and sysdet_ are the variables of the crystall report parameters.
Mpo:sys and Mpo:sysdet are the table field that will be execute.
It would be better if you can send me the rpt so I can help you more to find the best solution.

hope can help…