Custom colors in the IDE built-in colordialog

There was a question on the Newsgroups about how to add your own custom colors to the color dialog.

If you want to set a palette color that persists between sessions:

  1. Right-click on the palette color square that you wish to use.
  2. You will then get the “Custom” color tab, from which you can select your color.
  3. Double click on the color that you want to use.
  4. Should be in the palette now.

Those values are apparently saved at the bottom of ClarionProperties.xml, on my machine:

<SharpDevelopColorDialog.CustomColors value=“-3083798|-864274” />

Of course, they’re not in RGB hex format, but at least there are values :slight_smile:



And just as a reminder. Custom colors appeared in the Color Dialog as “User Defined” can be set in the program using the SYSTEM{PROP:CustomColor,i} property. Max number of custom colors - 16.


Good info. Thank you.

SYSTEM{PROP:CustomColor,i} is available in a Clarion program if the user wants to set or use a user-defined color (using the ColorDialog). This is separate/independent from the color dialog in the Clarion IDE.