CW Add-on suggestion - Wait Starting Procedures

I have an idea for a cw add-on/template. Let’s call it a WaitStart.

I have an app right now which needs to monitor some events and based on that it needs to START some procedures. I’m using Notify to exchange info between threads because I need to close one before opening another.

So this is where WaitStart would come handy. It would take care of starting another procedure but not before a certain procedure/thread has been closed. Like: res = WaitStart(newproc, proc2wait2close).

It would probably need some global queue of open threads etc, some inter-thread communication but that would be a very cool extension.

Hope someone does it. Perhaps Capesoft? :wink:


Alas I feel there would only be one buyer :slight_smile:

Here’s a class that does something like that. It was developed to call STARTed reports from Nettalk webservices. It creates its own appframe, but maybe you can adapt it to your needs, or extract code from it.

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