Databases in 2022: A Year in Review

Found this interesting blog post. Databases in 2022: A Year in Review - OtterTune

TL;DR Big database funding has slowed. Blockchain DB’s are stupid. New DB systems on offer.

Some interesting insights in this blog, perhaps biased, I think blockchain DB’s have a place, namely in transparency and security.

Postrgres continues to hold its own, which makes me think a dedicated Postgres driver in Clarion would be useful.

Storage-over-fabric which is things like NVMe oF- Wikipedia and RDMA over Converged Ethernet - Wikipedia is driving the storage in the cloud and internet based databases. Ideal for multi sites, or remote working which Covid has helped push as well.

This obviously brings in things like the 2009 C10 LINQ technologies which could be somewhere on the cloud
LINQ to FILE Provider - Clarion (
but I couldnt find any more info about the Amazon S3 service mentioned here
Some highlights for the C10 release - Clarion (
This might be a LINQ interface to the Amazon S3 service Amazon S3 - Wikipedia but details are lacking. Anyone know???

Either way, with that continuous creeping improvement of internet coverage and speeds like:
Elon Musks Order Starlink
Fibre internet connections being increasingly rolled out to remote locations eg the top of Mount Snowdon aka Yr Wyddfa to get super fast internet making it the highest mountain in the world with gigabit broadband.

My favourite campsite at Snowdon’s base Llyn Gwynant already enjoys 300Gbps WiFi onsite since before Covid as fibre runs all the way up to the pump station featured in the background of the frame of this film Who Dares Wins paid for by the water company who own it!

5G mobile phone technology being rolled out en-masse around the globe and the EU has just ruled we can use 5G on flights in Europe No more airplane mode? EU to allow calls on flights - BBC News. I remember testing Skype before MS acquired it, on a 3G connection in the middle of Breydon Water with a fellow Clarioneer and amateur radio buff for a whole hour without drop outs which was quite impressive all those years ago and that was the same week I saw my first Scramjet engine powered aircraft leaving its distinctive cottontail contrail in the sky.

So the need for onsite DB’s may finally be reducing after all these years.

And if you fancy a little refresher, the author of this DB review blog is this chap Andy Pavlo - Carnegie Mellon University ( and he publishes his course online CMU Intro to Database Systems (15-445/645 - Fall 2022) - YouTube

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