Date spin field UP/DOWN


I have a date spin field.
In C6.3 when i press the UpKey on the keyboard the date moves on (1 day later) and pressing the DownKey it goes to the day before.

I converted to C10 (12799) now it’s just the opposite, pressing the Downkey makes the date move on and the UpKey goes backwards, a bit confusing.
Fields have RANGE(0,999999),STEP(1)

I couldn’t find a way to set this, is there any or is this just new behaviour?


What is the generated in the window definition for that field?

          SPIN(@D6-),AT(363,40,56,10),USE(ORD:LEV_DATUM),RIGHT(1),OVR,MSG('datum (dd-mm-jjjj)'), |
            RANGE(0,999999),STEP(1),TIP('datuminvoer, dd-mm-jjjj of snel via:<0DH,0AH>' & |
            'V - vandaag<0DH,0AH>pijltje omhoog - volgende dag<0DH,0AH>pijltje omla' & |
            'ag - vorige dag<0DH,0AH>W - begin vd Week<0DH,0AH>K - eind vd weeK<0DH>' & |
            '<0AH>M - begin vd Maand<0DH,0AH>D - eind vd maanD<0DH,0AH>J - begin vh' & |
            ' Jaar<0DH,0AH>R - eind vh jaaR'),#LINK(?ORD:LEV_DATUM:Prompt),#ORIG(ORD:LEV_DATUM), |

Just tried on Clarion 10.12567 and it works as expected (as above).


this works as well:

Thanks for the help guys.
I just found it was a change in some template i used.
The way the Up and Down key reacted was changed.

It’s okay now again :wink:

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