Deadman switches for source code?

Are there any websites for releasing software code automatically with a deadman switch?

I see Google provides one for sending emails out automatically but I wondered if there’s such a feature like in Github?


You could put your code on github, or wherever, and simply put the access credentials into an email.

On the other hand, if you want others to pick up the work, or get value from it, that’s a lot easier to do when the original author is alive and can respond to questions. From my very limited experience when a developer dies, their code dies too - unless it has already attracted a community of people prepared to work on, or with, it.

JP I guess is Exhibit A here. He worked on something for ages, but had no plan for transferring it to others, and unfortunately when he died the VM he was working on got deleted (unpaid bill) and everything vanished. Equally unfortunate - he used an online license server, which also got deleted, and so all existing instances of the exe died as well.

When code has a single owner, surviving the owners death, can be problematic.


Another thing on the side of sharing the code with someone before you croak, is that you can’t just share your credentials if you utilize 2FA.

I dont use mobile phones, I have them to work on but I dont use them, they give me brain fog.

Besides 5G is currently the only un-hackable form of mobile phone communication. Setting up your own mobile cell tower with a SDR costs less than $100 and in the linux world there’s plenty of code for intercepting transmissions, and then do a replay attack on it to decrypt. Wifi takes 16 seconds to break a 10 digit password! Hence why I dont use a mobile, its bad enough being triangulated under the guise of cell phone traffic management.

Duly noted. Either way it will be there for any takers.

Oh, JP! If he only would have let me use the External Attribute in the .DCT, as I begged, instead of trying to change table and field names inside the source via .txa manipulation, I’d have my app deliverable as .tps or SQL. The data transfer part of DMC worked great, but the .app conversion - not so much.