Debugview++ and DebugInfo

Have not used Debugview for a while now so I’m very rusty.
OK I found the download site for DebugView++ but what must I add to a Clarion app itself for the following code to work. The Debuginfo bit?
Add a template?
miing:ingredient= _IMPCSV01:F02
miing:ingredientupper = _IMPCSV01:F03
if Access:miingredients.TryFetch(miing:pk_miingredients)

Hi Johan, there are a few ways you can do it.

1) declare the API yourself.
2) Use a 3rd Party tool you might already have installed to do it. I think Bruce adds the ability to Trace in some of the capesoft products.
3) Use a the debuger class, inc like the one that Mark Goldberg has created as part of his public clarion repository. Place them in the accessory\libsrc\win dir.

Add this into each application global include

dbg Debuger 

and then add this on startup


The code is fairly self documenting and gives you lots of flexability.

4) Use the template and classes that John Hickey has created in the ultimate toolbox

The latter has it’s own debug view application called Ultimate Debug Overview, it is very clarion centric and John has designed the output to work best with this rather than debugview++ etc. (2.5 KB)


this works for me.

Thx to everybody!