Decompiling Clarion 4b apps - possible?


I have a couple of old applications written in clarion 4b with tps files. I still have the exe files, but not the apps or the dictionaries. I still have Clarion 4b ,and also last year I purchased Clarion 11 to be able to run it on Windows 10.

Back to the apps - is it possible to create apps, or procedures, from the exefiles? I know it is a long shot, but there maybe somebody on the forum here, that could say yes or no. Hopefully.


From the exefiles: definitely no.

you can recover easily the dictionary from the exes;
also, you can recover with some work some specific procedure, but usually is easier to recode the behavior of the program.

You can recreate a DCT by importing the TPS files into your new DCT. As for recovering the CW4 code - not worth the trouble since you can not easily migrate CW4 to CW11. As for business rules you will just have to figure that out by the behavior of the current running program.

I have sort of recreated a dictionary. But I have a lot of reports in the applications and I hoped that I would not have to recreate these.

But if I have to create from start I am not sure if I want to do it in Clarion…

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Creating reports with Clarion is indeed no fun. That‘s why I purchased OfficeInside from Capesoft. Now I use either Word or Excel as a report writer and I love it.

Additionally the ‚spirit of service‘ at Capesoft is fantastic.