Deleting columns from list box

I have data from Employees table in list box. For reporting reasons, I would like to delete conditionally some column from list box(not to hide) . The rest of columns should be exported to Excel.
Is it possible?

It is sort of possible, you need to set the width of the column to 0.
Have a look at Capesoft SendTo it allows export of browse boxes very easily.


I didn’t even try to set the column width to 0 , supposing that column is still in listbox . Don’t suppose. Just do it. (not a commercial)
Btw, it works fine with EasyListPrint.


I have done this, probably in more detail than I could get away with but I think getting rid of everything seemed more complete. Here is my example that depends on a Global Value.

IF ~GLO:ForceClinChk ! Remove column details when not in use
?Browse:Orders{PROPLIST:Header,4} = ‘’
?Browse:Orders{PROPLIST:Width,4} = 0
?Browse:Orders{PROPLIST:RightBorder,4} = False

Regards, Jim