Derived WinMgr Class in a Procedure - Embeds Do Not Generate

Have not seen this code generation problem for a couple of years, so assumed it was fixed.
I know the work around is to declare local procedures instead of deriving the window manager class in the templates and adding methods. Before doing that work, has anyone confirmed the exact cause?

Here are the steps:

  1. On any procedure, click derive for the window manager
  2. Add a new method
  3. Embed some code for that new method
  4. Generate
  5. Under some circumstances, the embed code will not be generated even though the method exists.

What embed? I’ve been bitten by “debug” embeds before. The code (and the embed) only exist in debug mode.

The embed is that for a method added to the derived winmgr class.
a) In the procedure, click Actions
b) Click Window Behaviour
c) Check Derive
d) Click Add Method
e) Add a Method
f) Go back to procedure embed tree
g) New method should show w/ one embed available

This is definitely a problem. I haven’t seen it in a long time. I submitted some very specific examples to SV support. I don’t know if they ever fixed it.
It was very hard to pin down why some procedures had the issue.
At the time I just reworked the procedures that were problematic. I haven’t seen new occurrences of the problem in many years.

Yes, I looked back and we discussed this in 2016. I thought for sure it had been fixed based on what you had reported to SV. Unfortunately, it decided to make an appearance today for me. (using the pre-release)