Designer bug: Changing just text case of USE( ?FeqLabel ) will lose Actions

A Bug in Designer is if you just change the Case of the USE(?MyButton) the Actions are lost. Change the USE() back to the original exact Case and the Action is restored. The Embeds are not lost. Verified in 11.1.13744 11.0.13505 10.0.12799.

I found this when I had 8 buttons with ‘UPPER TEXT’ that I wanted ‘Proper Case’. In the Window… Editor selected the Button code full lines then Formatted as Lower Case then Capitalize. That changed the case of the USE() to ?Abbbbb. When I generated all Procedure calls under Actions were gone. With Source compare I changed USE() back to exact original case and the Actions were restored so the Actions were still someplace in the APP.

Below screen capture shows these steps:

  1. A button with USE() ?TrialBalBtn has Action to call Procedure Name TrialBalPrompts
  2. Change the USE() to ?Trialbalbtn (lower case B’s) and the Action “Call a Procedure” changes to “No Special Action”, i.e. it’s lost
  3. You can change USE() back to original ?TrialBalBtn and Action is restored
  4. Also shown is the 3rd screen capture. Changing more than the USE case by adding “XXX” does Not lose the Actions.

A second smaller example.

  1. Setup USE( ?HelpBtn ) to call procedure BrowseClasses
  2. In properties Lower case FEQ as USE( ?helpbtn ) then Actions shows “No Special Action”.
  3. change USE back to ?HelpBtn and Actions come back



Glad you discovered it.


Same in latest Clarion 11.1 Build 13758 and the Clarion template chain.