Desktop app developed in clarion creating trouble

Hi Guys,

I have developed a desktop app in clarion but after installing it into different machine the functionality which works at my end stops working if i try it into different machine, even if number of files being installed are same, is there any way to clear out or replace old files or the app cache so the app doesn’t behave in different way even after having same files and setup

Just for reference i do use VDI, does any vdi enviroment things coming up that is hampering app or any environment variables that need to be changed, any help would be highly appreciated.

Not sure how much coffee I need to understand your question, but it seems like you’re not getting consistent results between different machines.

If your program has dependencies, such as MS Office, or uses Windows API calls that are not universally available between operating systems, that could be a factor.
Other stuff could be firewall/antivirus related.
Sometimes Virtualization of un-manifested applications can cause issues when storing data in “prohibited” folders. If data becomes virtualized, it can give the appearance of something like your question about “cache”.
Sometimes un-manifested apps can give inconsistent results in certain Windows APIs.


I’m also having trouble understanding what you mean by ‘different behaviour’.
If it’s file related, check the dct you might have a file with an absolute path set that does not exist on the other machine