DevCon Materials Scanned and Posted to GitHub

I scanned and posted to GitHub some of my DevCon materials.

I have the Brochures / Mailers from 97,98,99 scanned and uploaded. If you have Brochures from other years please scan and post them here? I have the Conference Books from these years still to scan.

I also uploaded scans from the Conference Book for 1993 and 1994. I put a few memories into the ReadMe file. If you have any others please reply here and I’ll add them.

I have more materials from other years so if you want to see them “Like this Post” and I’ll scan them?


Just took a quick look at the '93 materials. Will Fastie gave the Keynote.

The two BIG bullets from his talk that I believe hit most everyone in one way or another.

  1. The Microsoft JET Database Engine had a serious multi-user problem that had not been acknowledged and eventually would push MS to acquire another technology.
  2. Future app development would bring targeted programs that were available for near zero dollars.

At the time, it was difficult to believe MS could make such a blunder AND many, many attendees had apps selling for big $$$.

I have the TopSpeed Technical Kit, circa 1991;
If anyone is interested I can upload it.

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I added more stuff to the DevCon GitHub Repo. It was interesting to look back but was more work than I thought. Things added:

DevCon_1997_C4 Folder:
Scanned session from book including Dev1997_Schedule.PDF
In I typed notes, more than I had planned.
In 1997 CW 2 was shipping and C4 was shown.
Major topic was “Strategic Alliance” with Pervasive Btrieve

DevCon_1999_eData_TheEnd Folder:
Clarion Mag articles on this DevCon
Roy Rafalco 1998 interview

DevCon_2004_C61_WDW Folder:
Clarion Mag articless on 2004
I went to 2004 but not sure if I saved the book, if there was one. I spoke on Rebasing.

Base folder:
ClarionHistory_DaveHarms_cmg200902.pdf with every DevCon date and product release.

Marketing Folder:
New folder with Marketing and magazine reviews. Be sure to look at the CW2 Flyer.

I have the books from 1996, 1998 and 1999 that I may still scan.

@totalhip I recall the problem with JET corrupting if there were multiple users. That to fix it required everyone exit and a database fix had to run that was very slow. Not good for productivity. I know I presented that info to one of my customers considering an Access solution. Maybe Microsoft leveled the playing field with OpLocks that corrupted the data files of everyone else.

The session Dev97_AntonioRajan_Rebuttal101.PDF is a good one where they push their future is bright. Antonio was VP of Sales.