#Develop discontinued & effect on Clarion IDE?

So I found this wiki page SharpDevelop - Wikipedia and it suggests the #Develop opensource project is dead. How does this affect the Clarion IDE?

It doesn’t really. SV licensed it and forked their version.

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as Sean said, the demise of #Develop has no impact whatsoever on SV.

SV has not benefitted from any continued work on #Develop,
to my knowledge SV just forked the project at one point in time and went on their merry way.
I don’t believe that SV contributed back to the project
or used any refinements even as #D made major strides forward.

I did notice Robert Zaunere and Scott Ferret have contributed to the #Develop project as they are listed in the section ###Past Developers (Non-Exhaustive List) on here.

GitHub - github/SharpDevelop: #develop (short for SharpDevelop) is a free IDE for .NET programming languages.