Device Enumeration Example App - Updated 3/23/2021

Improved the display of icons in the device list. (Thank you Carl Barnes!)

Clarion 8 version - Updated 3/23/2021 - More Properties Enumerated
Device Enumeration (2.7 MB)

Just something I’m playing around with. Don’t have time to upload to GitHub at the moment but anyone is welcome to upload to their repository. I would be interested in seeing how far it could go especially with someone with more Windows’ API experience.

Clarion 11 - I did export the app to TXA.

Has three 3rd party templates:

CapeSoft StringTheory 3.35
CapeSoft WinEvent 5.33
ClarionLive UltimateClass


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What do you need the 3 templates for? Isn’t this mostly just a bunch of API calls?

I can probably remove WinEvent but I use StringTheory to help parse some of the results from the API calls.