and ClarionAddins - ROADMAP

Keeping it simple for now, here are a few bullet points of what I am hoping to achieve in the near future:

  • Auto updates of
  • Auto install/update addins from the UI.
  • Streamline existing addins to remove any redundant functionality and improve performance.
  • Dream up and create new addins!
  • Expand with useful things like enhanced project management meta data and other neat things like perhaps “cloud” backup, etc.

Probably in that order too. I am hoping I can integrate ClarionHub as a Single Sign On provider for the subscription management too but that is just admin-y stuff that will happen in the background.

If you have any ideas for addins, please send them over and I will see what I can do!

Updated plans!

You may recall that there was a webinar a few weeks back where Mike (@BoxSoft) did a great run through of and ClarionAddins. I am yet to respond to some of the points that came up in that webinar but that is still on my list of things to do. There were are few questions about how to set things up and how to use a few of the addins which I know there are some simple answers so hopefully I can help out some there!

One of my big concerns with has been the need to support the embedded IE browsers as well as the limitations that imposes on how to develop the project. Since Clarion is now targeting a more recent version of the .NET framework I think I will be able to use CefSharp instead which is super exciting (Chromium Embedded Framework).

  • First on my list then is to investigate shifting to CefSharp
  • Default to the “Recent” page and update the dashboard social wall.
  • Simplify the rest of - currently there is too much static junk, I will pull a lot out and move to ClarionHub driven dynamic/relevant content!
  • Opt-In analytics instead of the current no-choice default :slight_smile: (although I believe it honours the default browser “Do Not Track” preference and all telemetry is IP anonymized already.

I know things have been quiet on the release front for some time but I am still poking away at it in the background and I will continue to update here as I progress. Please do let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

One request I had recently was to update the social wall and look into providing more twitter integrations which I will certainly do, including some configuration options so you have more control over that.
Happy Clarioning!

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