Dictionary external column name in SQL table with spaces in column names

Hi Folks,

I have a MSSQL table with a column name that has a space in it.

I’ve set up the External Name to match what is in the sql table structure.

However, on running I’m getting an errorcode 47.

Am I missing something simple here?

Note: I’m guessing clarion is not recognising the external name and is using NAME instead (which definitely doesn’t match).

Check the sql being passed to see exactly what Clarion is doing. Also, if the brackets in the external name as shown are true, I’d remove them.

Cheers. Will have a look at the profiler.

Just wondering - Why do you remove the brackets in the external name value?

I’ve never used them so wondering if that is screwing it up. Typical for me would be:
fieldname | WATCH or fieldname | READONLY

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I did try taking out the brackets, but it gave an error that indicated it only took the first part of the name before the space (didn’t take a screenshot unfortunately).

And for this particular instance I’ve moved on with making changes to the sql column names, removing the spaces.

But I did figure it would be good to have this content on ClarionHub (I couldn’t find anything similar searching first).

In PostgreSQL, one uses double quotes.

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I’d use clarion driver trace, that usually has all the info you need to solve that sort of problem.

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But I would think spaces in an sql field name is just asking for problems. I’d use an underscore instead

Yeah no denying that. Not my table :slight_smile:

When you use the table importer it puts double quotes around the external name. Try that?


If it still doesn’t work, try importing the table schema to a test clarion dct and see what’s different.

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Cheers. Thanks Brahn.

This was a case of me not taking that step of utilising the table import interface from the dictionary.

Double-quotes for the … do we say “ftw” anymore?