Dictionary problem after adding Option variable in a Table it will not save


I edit my dictionary and add option variable in the a table, which add FM3 version number in a table. But I can add this option variable in the table, but can not save the dictionary. I don’t know what is wrong.

After export the dictionary into dctx and view the source file. I can see this variable in the dctx file, but did not show in the dictionary editior.

Does any one face this before?


Terry Ho

Post some screen captures of the DCT windows showing what you did.

You can use the Snipping tool to put them on the Clipboard, then Paste them into this post editor.

Not sure if I understand correctly, but aren’t option values stored in the dct only used by the Clarion templates to generate controls on windows? i.e. they have nothing to do with the data file, they are used and set by the app.

What version of clarion? There were a few recent versions that had problems with the dct

In the pass, this problem not only happen in option value. It also happen in insert or change or delete table field. Which I need to export whole dictionary and import again to solve the problem, or sometime use another name in the field. But now I need to use with FM3, which can not solve it. I found this problem on C10 10.12799EE
and C11 11.13505EE.