Dictionary Table cannot Import Topspeed file

Anything special required to import a Topspeed data file in the DCT manager.

A pretty simple topspeed file created in a source fails to import with multiple items in the import dialog highlighted and when press ignore and pressing the OK button the file fails to import.

Files read perfectly in topscan.

cheers S

Post screen captures of the problem. Also the file spec, at least up to the RECORD plus a few fields.

Hi will do that on sunday night NZ time thanks. Will also screen capture the Topscan and load the file up here if files are aloud to be uploaded.

File now imports.

The group structure has the TYPE attribute removed.
gymnactivity group,type
fields ect

Record Record
Act group(gymnactivity)

Unable to determine the exact cause of the problem.

Human operator error perhaps.

Now imports to the DCT after clarion source code program creates the database.