DictionaryOptions and Alias Files


I am trying to create dictionary options for alias tables. The Options tab exists, but when clicking on the add options button, nothing happens. Anyone have an idea if it is supported?



I reported this as a bug back in 2013 in the PTSS system ( 39984).
You can export the dictionary to dctx format and manually add the option to the alias file and re-import and that works, too.

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@lodestar was dealing with that too, or maybe it was triggers. Either way, he might have some insight.

It was trigger support for aliases. Wrote a template to provide support and STILL wondering why it wasn’t supported from day one!

The attached is a template I wrote. It’s a global extension that you add to your data DLL app or the core app for a one piece EXE.
AliasTriggerSupport.zip (1.4 KB)

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