DIM GROUP Array does not allow Dot syntax to reference inner GROUP

I am declaring this structure:

QPEX                 QUEUE(pex:Record),PRE(qpex),TYPE.  !Q1
QPER                 QUEUE(per:Record),PRE(qper),TYPE.  !Q2
QPLA                 QUEUE(pla:Record),PRE(qpla),TYPE.  !Q3
QGE2                 QUEUE(ge2:Record),PRE(qge2),TYPE.  !Q4
GEMB0                GROUP,TYPE
REmb                   GROUP(emb:Record). 
RVap                   GROUP(vap:Record).  
Q1                     &QPEX
Q2                     &QPER
Q3                     &QPLA
Q4                     &QGE2

emba                 GROUP,DIM(8)
Emb                    LONG    
Dat                    &GEMB0  

but the compiler refuses this (and similar) statement:

 emba[i].Dat.REmb = emb:Record

I can not find the problem. Any ideas ? thanks

The problem is in some lacuna in the type descriptor format which does not allow to get in some contexts the correct type information for elements of the array of a GROUP. This was one of reasons to design another format of the stored type information.

The attached program demonstrates the work around for this problem. The commented line must raise the same compile time errors if to remove the comment sign.
test.clw (539 Bytes)

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thanks for your answer,
I will put the suggested workaround in my program.
regards, marcelo

Your suggestion worked ok, the program is compiling now.
Juyst as a comment, I got the following error doing the changes:

Internal Compiler Error (06451AF1H : 06454944H)

cw 11.0.0-13244 EE
Perhaps using a newer distribution will help ?? Are there in the new compilers any changes in this area ??

There were too many changes in the CLW compiler since release 13244, for example, reference variables of procedural type have been introduced. So, I can’t determine where exception occurred.

As a work around, I find that altering the number of characters in a (global) label solves the internal compiler errors that I encounter once a month or so.

FixInternalCompilerError byte,auto
! Change to 
FixInternalCompilerError2 byte, auto

“Internal compiler error” means that some exception occurred during compiler’s work. First reported number is the address of instruction caused exception, second one - the address of the COMPILE function exported from compilers’ DLLs. Reasons for exceptions can be different. It’s need to have a test program allowing to reproduce the exception to cure it.

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many thanks to all; you have been very useful. I have now the program running ok.

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Can you post your fixed code?

Based on the @also Test CLW it seems the workaround is to create the same GROUP without the DIM and use a &Reference assignment to the DIM Group like below?

Emb           LONG    
Dat           &GEMB0  
emba        GROUP(emba_TYPE),DIM(8)
emba_REF    &emba_TYPE
    emba_REF &= emba[i]   !Reference &= Assign Array [i] to non-array of same GROUP Type
    emba_REF.Dat.REmb = emb:Record   !was: emba[i].Dat.REmb = emb:Record

I pasted most of the @also Test.CLW code below:

Q         QUEUE,TYPE
V           LONG
G         GROUP,TYPE
F           LONG
QRef        &Q

X           LONG
GRef        &G


! AG[2].GRef.F = 0  !original code that would not compile
  GGRef &= AG[2]	!Reference Assign Arrayed Group to Simple Group
  GGref.Gref.F = 0	!Use Simple Group for dot syntax assigment