HI, when I compile my application I throw the following errors with this command:

DIRECTORY(AllFiles, '*.*', ff_:Normal)

No matching prototype available
Parameters kind does not match
Must speciffy identifier
Must specify identifier

thank you!

That looks fine.
How is AllFiles declared?

HI Friend, ‘AllFiles’ is name of the queue.

` Is AllFiles declared as

AllFiles QUEUE(FILE:Queue)

Is this code in a module with an empty MEMBER() statement
if so, then you need to add a MAP, even an empty one
as that will automagically include(‘builtins.clw’)
which is required to map Cla$Directory and/or Cla$LFNDirectory to DIRECTORY

Not sure why it’s giving the errors you’re seeing, but as it stands the code won’t find any files for you

The . (dot) stands for the current folder, but you haven’t added a file mask to say which files you want.
If you want all the files then you need this…

DIRECTORY(AllFiles, '.\*.*' , ff_:Normal)

but I prefer the more explicit…

DIRECTORY(AllFiles, path() & '\*.*' , ff_:Normal)


Actually Javi I expect you really did enter ‘*.*’ - but this site uses something called Markdown to format entries and surrounding a character or word or phrase with asterisks just changes the font to italic

See this for a quick crib sheet

So to enter code you either need to surround each line with backticks or start and end the code block with a line of 3 backticks.

Still have no idea why you’re getting the errors you see for the code though :grinning:


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I fixed the original, thanks.