Disable Save and Restore Window Location

Hi All,

(C11, ABC, Frame with Menu and Toolbar, and all windows are MDI and use START to open)

How do you disable the Global option to save/restore window locations?

What I did;
a. Disabled it globally
b. Disbaled it by every single window

but still my compiled program store and restore windows locations, any ideas on what to look for, please?
or Any fixes out there?

(Currently using Capesoft Easy Resize and Split to maximize windows and restore back, but when you close and open the window/browse again the window stays maximized although it was restored or set to not maximized)

Thank you in advance

Have you deleted your ini file? Even if you disable the save and restore, if it finds the coordinates in the ini file, it will open the window at that position.

Hi Mauricio,

Yes deleted .ini file and changed it store in registry, but no luck. :sob:

Window Properties, Actions, Window Behavior, and disable Save and Restore Window Location.

Also, other way is to override saved settings, in Embeds, Restore from ini file, your code after that.


Global settings;

Every Window setting

I highly recommend opening the procedure in the embeditor/source mode and searching for INIMgr and see what code is in there.
With global settings of:

I see this in the window manager Init method:


Changing the globals and checking the disable option to:

Now the procedure window manager init is:

I ran and tested here and it worked as expected. The window positions were not restored.

If that is not what you are experiencing then I guess something else is generating code to save/restore the information.
Look at the source code to see what it is. From there you should be able to track down the template generating the code.

If you are in a multi-dll application, you need to disable the setting in each APP.

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Single exe app. Checked the code and the only code I find using the INIMgr. is “csResize.Fetch” and “csResize.Update” and that belongs to Easy Resize. Will ask tonight at the Open Webinar to see if the Panel can get a solution for this. Very strange.

Thank you for your input and replies.

Yep, I’d say something with the resize template is in play. Just on a guess. :slight_smile:

I think this is the root of your problem. By changing it to store in the registry you’ve no way to easily find (and delete) those settings in the registry, so whatever is in there is being applied. Unless you actually want to store this stuff in the registry (hint: you don’t) - don’t set this setting to registry.

Apart from anything else, the INIMGR is used for more than just window positions, so it’ll clutter up your registry.

In the case of ResizeAndSplit, yes it uses the INIMGR, but only to store the position of the splitter bars, not the window size or position. So I don’t think that’s the cause.

I agree you should bring it to the webinar so we can see what you’ve got in the procedure, and what’s in play.

Thank you Bruce looking forward to tonight.

FYI - Changed it back to .ini and still has the same behavior.

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