Display a group in the list

Has anyone ever tried to make a LIST (browse) out of a GROUP?

I’m parsing some XMLs into a GROUP, which has 50 fields. And all I need is to show values of these fields to a user. So instead of putting each and every field control onto the window and fiddling with the design, I’d load a group into a LIST. Obviously not horizontally. A list would have two fields: 1 - variable name from the group and 2 - value of that variable from the group.

Just as a though, I like how some apps have settings done in such way. A list of options and that’s it (MS SQL Management studio comes to mind…). I miss having the option to exchange rows and columns in the list…



Two approaches come to mind

One is to loop over the group and create a string literal for the prop:from

The other is to write and use a VLBPROC

I did a webinar on this last month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUEn43eAR1A

Basically, you have a procedure that gets your *GROUP. It has a local QUEUE, and uses WHO and WHAT to reference the fields within the passed GROUP, and a simple Window to display the results.

Found it! Heh, funny that I have this question and it has been “solved” just 14 days ago :slight_smile:

Perhaps Bruce could upgrade xFiles and jFiles with some cool methods that would produce adequate queues for the list. Ooo, what about if the “listQueue” happens directly when you load an xml or json?