Displaying Text from COMMAND?

Hello Everyone,

Calling a small EXE with Command Line parameters like:

testapp title="Test Caption" text="This is the balloon text.<13,10>You can make it up to 255 characters long."

Works but text is displayed incorrectly in TEXT control:


I’m sure it’s something simple.

Any help is appreciated!

I’m not at a machine atm, but try a pipe ¦ for the <13,10>

Given that a pipe is special at the command line you might need to replace the 13,10 with the pipe in code

Didn’t work. Seems like I have dealt with something like this a very long time ago. Don’t remember the solution.

Wait, where are you writing this
The text is in double quotes, so it’s not cw so cw string literal notation. Does not apply

The quotes were the only way - I know - to send a string with spaces via COMMAND.

The text displayed correctly. Meta-characters <> and {} have sense only for string literals in CLW sources. If the string comes from the external world, it takes as is.

See the QUOTE function.
test.clw (622 Bytes)

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That was it! I forgot all about that little function.