Does anyone know what the maximum number of fields in a dct file is?

As per the title, does anyone know what the maximum number of fields in a dct file is?

I need to repurpose a dct file. :grinning:


I’m assuming the dct is a tps file of sorts, so I then assume that would mean a 15,000 fields limit, but wanted to check if this is the case.

If the 15,000 field limit is correct, does anyone use more than 15,000 embed points, in a template?

I don’t know the max fields of a dct file, if there is a limit, but with regard to TPS, the limit is 15000 bytes in the record, including whatever sized strings you have. AFAIK, the dictionary won’t let you go beyond that limit for TPS.

And further down in the help doc is says
Record Size 15,000 bytes
Field Size 15,000 bytes
Fields per Record 15,0000 bytes.

I was hoping I could use a dct table as a unique table where I made the field name in a table the unique #Embed(identifier) and a source for #At(identifier) but I cant(*) add new fields using
#Prompt(‘Embed File’,File),%EmbedIdentifierFile
#Prompt(‘Embed Identifiers’,Field(%EmbedIdentifierFile)),%EmbedIdentifier

so I’ll just use a global #Button,multi(…) to store the unique embed identifiers and
#Prompt(‘Embed Identifiers’,Drop(%ListEmbedIdentifiers()),%EmbedIdentifier
for #AT() and some #validate code to check for uniqueness when adding new embedidentifiers.

Bit more work but hey ho just being lazy.

(*) I thought I could add fields from the appgen back into the dct but it doesnt look like it. I have the dct set to not readonly. Could of sworn I’d used the appgen to update the dct in the past, but maybe not from within a code template.

It will have to be a Declare(),Unique in order to use a #Button(),From in multiple templates in order to see the existing list (naming schema etc) and one of two ways to CRUD the list of embed identifiers.

Like I said, just being a bit lazy. :grinning: