Does the F1 help work in the Dct Editor?

Cant seem to get any help pages to appear when I press F1, when I’m in different parts of the dictionary editor

Does it work in C11?

seems to be working here…

Oh well back to reinstall windows again and lets hope its not some malware embeded in the firmware where we cant check it.

I cant tell if its this I am seeing, Malicious firmware affecting sata controllers & hard drives - WD Internal Drives / Desktop & Mobile Drives - WD Community but someone is actively hacking my hardware and unfortunately the Police are not interested. They werent even interested when someone was crouched behind some armco barriers coming out of Cambridge one night and released a muntjac deer in front of my car to cause an accident. Surely something like that is worth investigating? :roll_eyes:

works fine

Just booted up my pc, loaded c11, loaded a dct, hit F1 and its worked. Temperamental is how I would describe this machine, because even MS Edge isnt working properly, sometimes it doesnt even clear the cookies which I see everytime I load the Edge because this is my home page edge://settings/siteData

I think a wipe and reinstall of windows is going to be required. Story of my life! :unamused: