Drag and drop a text field to notepad

Hi all, I want to be able to take data from normal text fields of an edit form and drop it into notepad or any other Windows application.

For example: drag the contents of “Company Name” field (data is “Acme Widgets”) and drop it into notepad so that it displays “Acme Widgets” in notepad. I don’t want to use copy and paste if I can help it.

Where do I start?

Hi Don,

Maybe take a look at: Devuna OLE Drag and Drop

Hope it can help you

Johan de klerk

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Many thanks. It looks promising. It refers to some OLE Tutorials on http://www.catch22.net/tuts/win32/drag-and-drop-introduction which I will read before trying the code.

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Curious! Did you manage with Devuna?

I haven’t started using it yet. Still got to get a few puzzle pieces in place. I will report back once I have got to the point of using it.

I was quite impressed with it.
I could even select (ctrl-a) the body of an opened outlook email and drag it to a text box - viola!
Drag & drop files via windows explorer working well also!
So dragging into a Clarion app works well. Hope you find something to drag out of clarion to others…