Drag and Drop from Clarion to Outlook with OLE

Hi guys

I sort of need to drag and drop a file in a blob from my clarion program to outlook (office365)

Any hints?

Or copy paste??

Sean H

Hi Sean

I am not sure, but maybe this from Randy Rogers may help, it’s open source now and hosted on GitHub: Devuna Ole drag and drop

I use it to drag from a clarion list box to a .net com control, but maybe it will help with Outlook as well.



Are you trying to drop it as an email attachment?
You could try doing it via clipboard, Save to file and set clipboard data using CF_DROP format


Thanks Mark, I’ll check that out. I’ve never done anything with OLE before.

Hi Leonid, That looks like something I could do. Now I just need to find out about CF_DROP :slight_smile:

SOLVED: For those interested I’ve used Capesoft’s winevent5 and ds_setclipboard for this and it works a treat. I write a temp file and tell the clipboard about it. paste into just about anything, including explorer and outlook.

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