Drag&drop on utf8

Does anybody know how to drag & drop a file to a browse control with file name written in UTF8 with characters other than ASCII, for instance Greak in C6.3?
Thank you!

The program has to process the string returned from the DROPID function invoking on response to the EVENT:Drop event. Strings can be translated from UTF-8 either by the call to the WideCharToMultiByte API function with the first parameter set to CP_UTF8, or just by decoding UTF-8 text to a 8-bit character string “by hands”.

Presumably you have code on the drop event that does something. Because as far as I’m aware theres no built-in “drop file on browse” behaviour.

I also presume your code is now failing. However you didnt share the code, nor have you described where, or how, it is failing.

With this lack of information it is hard to give you a useful answer to your question. Perhaps you can dig a bit deeper to give us more clues?

Also you mention utf-8. What makes you suspect the filename is utf-8 (as distinct from say utf-16?) Presumably the contents of the file are utf-8 , but again you might want to explain how you know this. (Does it have a BOM?)