Drop Combo not working to set Target Field?

I have a file drop combo on a form that displays 2 fields from a file containing People. The Columns are:

  • Column 1: FullName
  • Column 2: CAM_Num (a unique field)

The Sort Order is for FullName and I want to set a global variable = CAM_Num

Here is the Actions dialog:


Both fields in the dialog are Hot Fields.

The problem is that GLO:CAM_NumFilter is not getting set to PEO:CAM_Num. It is remaining empty.

any ideas?

Open the Procedure in the Embeditor and search for GLO:CAM_NumFilter

You may find the code that is messing up the value. If not paste the code you do find here as well any related lines before/after.

Edit: I just noticed this “Hot Fields” comment.

Pretty sure you do Not want GLO:CAM_NumFilter as a Hot Field, that will constantly reset it to the Browse Queue value. So suggest remove the Hot fields.

Thanks for the reply Carl. It seems that I have solved the problem by putting the GLO:CAM_NumFIlter field as the first field in the drop down. I had to make the column very small so I am able to just show the people names.

It seems like this should not be the way things should work, but it did work.

Interesting comment on the Hot Fields … I will fool around with that.