Duplicate procedure template after importing procedure from another App

If you import a procedure from another App and both Apps have a global template that automatically generates a procedure extension on every procedure, you will often get a duplicate extension on the newly imported procedure.
The issue is the global PDF template has a different instance number in the two Apps.
When you import the procedure from one App to another, the Owner number on the PDF template on the procedure does not match the global PDF template in the target App.
This causes another instance of the procedure level template to get added that is correctly linked to the global template.
The other one that came in with the import basically becomes orphaned.

Two ways you can avoid this. In either case, first do a selective export of the procedure from the source App to TXA.
First method:
Edit the TXA for the exported procedure and delete the [ADDITION] section for the child template. When the TXA is imported a new procedure extensions will automatically get added with default values for the prompts.

Second method:
As well as exporting the procedure, also export the target App to TXA. Open this TXA and search for the [ADDITION] section for the global template and note its INSTANCE number. Then edit the TXA for the exported procedure and change the OWNER number to the global template’s INSTANCE. Then import the procedure TXA to the target App and template instances will match up.
Global template:
NAME SVReportToPDFSupport SVReportToPDFGlobal

Procedure template:
NAME SVReportToPDFSupport SVReportToPDF


Thank you Rick. We are using that methods for a long time but Softvelocity have to solve that problem. Especially on direct import (without TXA) because application already knows which global templates has on imported application.

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