Duplicate symbol in Kernel32.dll


I’m converting a C6.3 (9055) multi dll app to C10 (
The data dll converts fine, but the first Reports.dll has some errors i can’t really place.

The map file gives these two lines:
Duplicate symbol: GetProcessId in KERNEL32.dll
Duplicate symbol: SetProcessAffinityMask in KERNEL32.dll

Any ideas will be appreciated,


Those API are included in the newer versions of Clarion.
A third party accessory is most likely also including them.
If you have PDF tools in your project, the templates for it have a “include tspknl32” check option. Try unchecking that.
Otherwise, you’ll have to search for what LIB files have those procedures called and determine which ones are linked in your project.


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Hi Rick,

Yes i was already searching for the libs.
But your include tspknl32 (PDFTools) did the trick (after unchecking it), i wasn’t aware of that option.

Many thanks Rick!


Wonderful advise. Thank you Rick…